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The Region & Access
To the Heart of the Cathar County...
At the foot of the Pyrenees, three times destroyed and three times rebuilt, doorway to the Pays de Foix, and, traelling along the Cathar Pathway, the Languedoc and the Provence regions.
Medieval Mirepoix.

The enchanting character of the central square and its surrounding, covered galleries, dating back to the 15th century, and its cathedral whose nave is the biggest in Europe (22 meters wide) are the jewels you will discover by visiting the Bastide. The town centre of Mirepoix is a medieval setting.
Guided tours available.

Auberge Logis de Mirepoix, Restaurant Medieval Mirepoix

A few kilometres from Mirepoix, discover Montségur castle, the most famous of all Cathar sites.
The castle is 1207 m high, at the peak of a rocked spur called Pog (guided tour available).

Catharism: dualistic religion which is said to have come from Asia Minor during the 10th century. The philosophy is based on the opposition between Good and Evil: Evil is associated with material goods while Good is spirituality. The Parfaits and the Parfaites (Perfect ones: Cathar followers) pursued strict rules of chastity and a life of poverty. This religion was very well accepted within Europe.

On March 16th 1244, more than 220 Cathars that lived in Montségur were burnt at the stake, putting an end to the war against the Albigeois. Montségur is a historcial site vsited by people from all over the world. Its tragedy led to the end of Catharism.

The castle has been classified Historical Monument since 1985. Open all year long. Guided tours available.

Auberge Logis de Mirepoix, Restaurant Medieval Mirepoix

Not far, in Chalabre, discover the Historical and Participative leisure park.

Various Workshops are available:
Calligraphy, forging, archery, heraldry, iconography, the fabrication of coats of mail, medieval dance, medieval tales for young children, historical costumes... Medieval horse show with Knights.

Chalabre castle: History made fun. Adults/Seniors Citizens/School groups.

Auberge Logis de Mirepoix, Restaurant Medieval Mirepoix

In Vals, a few minutes' drive from Mirepoix, discover the amazing cave chirch from the time of the Carolingian period. There are 3 levels and its sanctuary is directly built into the rock! There are Roman Frescos from the 11th century.

Numerous ancient remnants were found in the excavations.

Very beautiful view over the Pyrenees...
Guided tour available.

Auberge Logis de Mirepoix, Restaurant Medieval Mirepoix

Also nearby, is the medieval, walled City of Carcassonne : the town which has two sites classified by the World Heritage. In 1996, UNESCO classified the Canl du Midi and then,in 1997, it added the Cité of Carcassonne to its list. The City constitutes the biggest medieval fortifications in Europe. Open every day.



Logis de Mirepoix - 2, cours du Docteur Chabaud (facing Post Office) - 09500 MIREPOIX - France
GPS : Latitude : 43.0874013 - Longitude : 1.8755656

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Logis de Mirepoix - Auberge & Restaurant Médiéval
2, cours du Docteur Chabaud (face à la Poste) - 09500 MIREPOIX
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